Russell Ecob BA MSc Cert. Stat. C. Stat

Russell Ecob is an experienced applied statistician with interests primarily in social, medical and educational research. He has over 30 years experience of working with universities, local authorities as and the Medical Research Council. He has been consulting for over ten years. He has co-authored and co-edited books on applications of statistical methods. He has also authored over 20 articles in academic journals. He has taught statistics at a number of levels (including PhD supervision) as well as organizing meetings, courses and seminars. 

Russell is particularly interested in developing and running models for the analysis of longitudinal data in particular for exploring alternative causal structures using latent variable and other models. He has researched weighting and multiple imputation methods. He is working currently with audiologists in investigating lifecourse models of adult hearing loss and, in the criminological sphere, investigating models of influences on delinquency in adolescence. He also works with educational researchers and psychologists in a range of contexts. 

He is a Certified Statistician and an active member of the Glasgow local group of the Royal Statistical Society.
Previously worked at MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow. Currently Senior Statistician (part time), at MRC Hearing and Communications Group, Royal Free Hospital, University of London.
Over 40 articles in academic journals and co-author/co-editor of two books on methodological and educational research (since 1990). 
Substantial experience of teaching statistics and of hosting and organising seminars. Successful in obtaining funding for research. PhD supervision and mentoring.